Are your marriage problems keeping you awake at night?… Would you like to save your marriage, but don’t know how?


I Can Help You Rekindle the Spark … and Save Your Marriage!

…even if you no longer talk…  even if you no longer touch… even if only one of you wants to participate!


Separation is traumatic. Think of the heartache, the loss of trust, the effect it has on your children, on your performance at work and on your social circle. Many people find it very difficult to recover from such a traumatic experience and learn to trust again.

Fortunately, it is seldom too late to turn a relationship around.  Yes, it is possible. Even though you seem like strangers right now. Even though one of you has had an affair. Even though you no longer feel love…or excitement… even though you have almost lost hope that things will ever get better.


Learn How to Rekindle the Spark You Once Had And Save Your Marriage

Barbara 127 x 161Hi! My name is Barbara Duff. I am a marriage counselor and psychosexual therapist accredited with NAPCP – National Association for Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy. I am also happily married with four wonderful children and a growing number of grandchildren.

From my experience of working with couples and conducting thousands of marriage counseling sessions, I have seen that most couples have similar problems in their relationships.


They have difficulties with:-

  • communication, especially if there are differences of opinions
  • articulating their own needs and priorities
  • listening to what their partner is saying
  • seeing things from their partner’s perspective
  • dealing with or expressing emotions
  • talking about sex
  • making space in their lives for fun and romance to blossom

Based on these observations and my more than 20 years of marriage counseling experience, I have created Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage 10 Step program, a self-help alternative to traditional marriage counseling.

I say marriage, because it implies commitment. However, this program is designed to help all those in a committed, long-term relationship, not just married couples.


Why Rekindle The Spark – Save Your Marriage program can be more effective than marriage counseling.

Unhappy couple having Marriage counseling

Recent research shows that couples working with a marriage counselor can feel dis-empowered. At a conscious or sub-conscious level they feel that they have failed in their relationship. This negative self-image sometimes prevents couples from taking a pro-active approach to resolving their issues.
This belief leads in turn to couples having unrealistic expectations of the marriage counselor. They may think that the counselor is the expert and has all the answers – that he or she will wave a magic wand and change the dynamics in their relationship without any real effort on their part.
Another issue which emerged from this research shows that couples may have an issue with pride and privacy.  They feel daunted at the prospect of sharing intimate details with a complete stranger, especially if they are barely comfortable opening up to each other.
On a practical level, finding the time to attend marriage counseling sessions can also cause problems. Organizing a babysitter is difficult for many couples. Or maybe you have conflicting work schedules. Marriage counseling sessions often have to be planned weeks in advance. So this can add further stress to the relationship.
And let’s not forget another important issue – the costs involved. The cost of marriage counseling sessions can run high. This expense can hardly be afforded by a couple with a large mortgage and young children to support.
I have therefore developed this relationship improvement program. It has all the elements of marriage counseling. But, it can be completed by you in the privacy of your own home, in your own time and at a fraction of the cost of marriage counseling sessions. And most importantly, it puts you and your partner in charge.
Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage gives you freedom to schedule the sessions according to your own needs. You and your partner are in control. You will not feel restricted by a limited budget or someone else’s availability. Therefore, you will approach the exercises with the right mindset, ready and willing to implement the changes needed to create a loving and happy relationship.
Rekindle the Spark Save your Marriage - Happy Couple

Is it possible to change?

Yes, it is possible … even though you might seem like strangers right now… even if one of you has had an affair … even if only one of you wants to participate.

Of course, the best results are achieved if you work on the program together with your partner. However, significant improvements in your relationship can also be achieved, even if only one of you participates.

This may come as quite a surprise to you, but it has been proven to be true many times. For as one partner makes changes in behaviour and attitude, the other responds in a more positive way. As a result, the whole relationship improves.

Of course, as they say, Rome was not built in a day and there are no instant solutions. The breakup in your relationship took many weeks, months or even years, so it is unlikely that you can fix it in a day or two. However, if you are prepared to invest an hour or two per week, over the course of ten weeks, you will be surprised how much you can change in your relationship in such a short period of time.

The more time you devote to this program, the better the results. Although Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage is geared towards couples working together, you can still achieve remarkable results even if you are working on it alone.

If you change, your relationship with your partner will change – guaranteed. See the testimonials below.


Save your marriage - mary and joe“We thought that the fire of our love had died, that we had reached the end of our lives together. But now that spark has been rekindled.  The energy and excitement are back!. The Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage programme definitely works. ” Mary and Joe, Dublin
save your marriage - paula“We were probably heading for a divorce. Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage  has helped us find our own inner strength to handle our issues without having constant rows. We know there will be other challenges ahead but now we have the skills to deal with them…” Paula, Kentucky
Rekindle the spark -murphies“There was so much we could not talk about. We are a much happier couple now and that is reflected in our home and in our children. We have learned to listen to each other and to them. The Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage program has helped us save our relationship!” Frank and Janet, Houston, Tx


About Rekindle The Spark – Save Your Marriage Program

Rekindle the Spark - Save your Marriage program, an alternative to marriage counseling

Your investment in Rekindle The Spark – Save Your Marriage Program is only $47. This is less than one session of marriage counseling… and certainly much less than the cost of separation or divorce!

The program includes

  • 10 course units
  • Key interpersonal skills and techniques
  • Exercises and thought-provoking questions
  • Practical tips to help improve the dynamic of your relationship
  • Case studies which illustrate relationship problems
  • Over 60 pages in all emailed to you, stage by stage, every week, for 10 weeks

As you work through each stage you will be amazed by the changes in your relationship.

You and your partner will soon be able to recreate the bond you once had and get your relationship back on track.


 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Rekindle the Spark - 30 days money back guarantee

Your success is very important to me. If you aren’t 100% happy with the program, just let me know within 30 days and I will promptly refund you all your money…


No questions, No hassles



Rekindle The Spark – Save Your Marriage program benefits

Rekindle the Spark - Save Your Marriage Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage is not based on theory, but on my more than 20 years of experience of working with couples.  This program is both practical and specific. It addresses ten areas which are the most common causes of relationship problems. Each stage contains case studies and specific assignments you need to complete.

As you complete each task, you learn skills needed to deal with relationship problems. Gradually you will notice positive changes in your relationship.

Rekindle the Spark – Save Your Marriage helps you to:

  • be more aware of your needs and priorities in your relationship
  • become more aware of your partner’s needs and priorities
  • communicate more effectively with your partner
  • be more conscious of your own emotions
  • express your feelings in an assertive, rather than aggressive
  • handle conflict if it arises, without confrontation
  • know how to listen without interrupting
  • recognise the importance of continuous dating
  • share the workload a home so nobody feels that they are taken for granted
  • acknowledge the importance of sex in your relationship
  • rekindle the desire for each other you once shared
  • feel confident about your own identity
  • be happy to make time for each other and create space for your love to blossom again


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